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You couldn't break me in the end... oh no
And such a freedom I enjoy
When you're deaf to the sounds you trust
If that was all you've got my friend... oh no
Then set yourself to disappoint

No picture dump this time, sorry! xD

When I left for Japan one and a half months ago, I made a huge mistake. I did not pack any of my dolls. And I basically regretted that the moment I closed the door behind me. I kept stalking the second hand marketplaces of Den of Angels and Dollicted, not really intending to buy anything (honestly), when I stumbled upon a Magic Time Rain. He was up for sale for a pretty good price and I kept debating whether I should snatch him up or not. End of story: he arrived today xD.

His previous owner was incredibly nice during our conversation and even allowed me a 2 month layaway. Turned out I didn't need it, tho, because I was able to land a job for 10k yen, yosh! (That's roughly 70euros, which was like almost half of his price x'D.)

He came in an m&m's box x'D...

That's what was inside x3! The super pretty Magic Time pouch, some goodies and a cute note!

Close-up of the goodies x3! He comes with interchangeable ears, elf and human ones x3! His previous owner also sent some cute, tiny ram's horns! They're adorable, but sadly they don't fit his character. But I'm pretty sure I'll find someone to wear them when I get back home xD. ALSO lots of cute stickers and scrapbooking materials, thank you x3!

Now to the main part xD. I had to carefully wiggle him out of the pouch lol. First look at his pretteh face x3!

Unfortunately, one of his eyelashes had become loose, so I took them off alltogether. It's okay, tho, because he shall be getting a brand new face-up when I return to Germany x3! He also came with pretty blue eyes! I didn't plan for him to have blue ones, but they kind of suit him so they will stay for now xD.

Adjusted his eyes and put the elf ears in, omg! I love those ears x3! They're so cute!

Pretty face is pretty.

Then I wigged and dressed him (god, I've missed that part, seriously). The wig was a mess and took a bit of work, but since it's the only one I've got here it'll have to be enough for now xD.

I kind of like his look, even though it's just thrown together bits and pieces from Dolly Teria xD. His style is casual punk. (Still working on that, tho xD)

Earrrrs~ x3!

He's chilling on my desk now. It's so nice to have a doll sitting next to me again, I've seriously missed that so much. /giant dork

His name is Eilonwyn and yes, I totally did steal that from Black Cauldron's princess Eilonwy (they don't have anything in common at all, tho xD I just love the name). He, however, doesn't like the name, so he goes by Wyn. He doesn't exactly get along with people, but that's a different story for another time xD. Anyways, I'm glad to have him here x3.

Tags: bjd, eilonwyn, photography, yay
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